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List of Things I Want to Do in SF

This post is a public, work-in-progress to-do list for my stay in San Francisco (Sep 5-21). Got something I should add to my list? DM me on Twitter.

  • Start a new job ✨
  • Meet with ██████, █████████ and ████
  • Visit an Amazon Go store
  • Try both Impossible and Beyond Meat burgers
    What are the best places to try these?
  • Buy some Soylent
  • Visit SF MOMA
  • Test how scooters compare to those in Berlin
Last edit: Sep 6, 13:27

× DATE: Fri, Sep 06, 2019
× TIME: 8:24:42 pm
× LOCATION: San Francisco, US (37.7917900, -122.3990021)
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