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Review of my 2019 Goals

I set myself 15 goals for 2019 and completed 9 of them, which is a slightly higher success rate compared to my 2018 list (60% vs 56%).

  • ███████ ██████ ██████ ███████ ✅
  • Go for a swim at least once a week ✅
    Like in 2018, I didn’t miss a single week this year. My swim streak is now at 171 weeks.
  • Swim more than in 2018 ✅
    I barely managed to achieve this goal: I swam 132km this year, compared to 129km in 2018 (+2.3% YoY)
  • Back exercise daily ❌
    I did my back exercise training on just 29.6% of the last 365 days. My average perceived back pain increased to 2.45/5 (up from 1.45 in 2018). For 2020 I have set myself a 50% exercise goal.
  • ██████ ███████████████████ █████ ❌
  • Spend less time on social media ✅
    I definitely spent *at least* as much time on Twitter this year as in the year before.
  • Read 20 books ✅
    I started reading 34 books but finished only 19 of them.
  • Get a Switch and play Breath of the Wild ✅
  • Write 50 blog posts ❌
    I shipped just 25 blog posts and many of them weren’t what I would consider real articles. I’ll try to make writing a bigger priority in 2020.
  • Write 365 tweets ❌
  • Limit meat consumption to 24 meals ❌
    2019 was the first year I failed to achieve my meat consumption goal ever since I started tracking this in 2012.
  • Limit alcohol consumption to 2 days / week ❌
    I failed to hit this goal. I reduced my beer consumption by 47% YoY, but had more cocktails and glasses of wine.
  • Improve my cooking skills ✅
    Learned how to make sourdough bread, how to brew coffee with a Chemex and perfected my Old Fashioned skills, among others.
  • Explore more new places ✅
    I measure this in form of Swarm check-ins to locations I haven’t been to before. My 2019 goal was to make every 4th check-in a new place (25%). In the end 43% of this year’s check-ins were at new places (777 out of 1806).
  • Visit a country I haven’t been to before ✅
    Traveled to Japan and Finland.
× DATE: Thu, Jan 02, 2020
× TIME: 5:27:15 pm
× LOCATION: Berlin, DE (52.5073547, 13.3782072)
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