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A Mid-Year Check-in on my 2020 Goals

At the beginning of each year, I release a public list of my goals and rules for the upcoming 365 days. Here’s a mid-year review of the 24 goals I set myself for 2020.

  • Publish 52 blog posts ⚠️
    Behind target: I published 23 articles since the start of the year. I’ll have to carve out more writing time in the next few months to get to my end-of-year goal.
  • █████ ██ ███████ ██ ███ ✅
  • Read 20 books
    On track: I completed 12 books so far.
  • Watch less TV
    Failed: I spent 125 hours watching TV last year. This year I’m already at 120 hours (74 hours of which are The Sopranos).
  • Swim a total distance of 120km ⚠️
    Behind target: Due to covid-19 I only swam 36km so far this year. I’ll have to swim at least 3.3km per week from now on to still hit my target. Unlikely.
  • Go for a swim at least once a week
    Failed: Covid-19 broke my 183 week swim streak.
  • Back exercise every second day
    On track: Completed exercise on 70.16% of all days so far.
  • ██████ ████ ████ ✅
  • ████████ ████ ⚠️
  • ██ ████████████ ❌
  • Ship a redesign of this blog ⚠️
    Behind target: Started working on first wireframes.
  • Finish work on my daily uniform ⚠️
    Behind target: Not started.
  • Conduct a 2020 Quantified Self Project
    On track: You can see my current setup here.
  • Publish my 2019 Quantified Self Report before end of Jan
    Failed: Finished about 40% of the work and still aim to publish the report before the end of the year.
  • Build a Personal CRM system
    Removed: My idea was to build my own personal CRM system, but I’ve since discovered Clay.
  • Limit meat consumption to 24 days
    On track: I ate meat on 12 occasions this year so far.
  • No alcohol if I have to work the next day
    On track (with 2 or 3 exceptions).
  • Visit 1 country I haven’t been to before ⚠️
    Behind target: Covid-19 makes it unlikely that I’ll achieve this goal.
  • Explore more new places ⚠️
    Behind target: 25% of my Swarm check-ins should be places I’ve never visited before. Due to covid-19 I’m currently slightly behind that target (~20%).
  • Keep phone screen time below 1h per day
    Failed: My average phone screen time is currently way above 2h per day.
  • Meditate 1h per week
    Failed: I keep failing to make meditation an actual habit.
  • Do a 3 day silent retreat ⚠️
    Behind target: Unlikely to happen due to covid-19.
  • █████████ ████ ████████ ⚠️
  • ██████████ █ ✅
× DATE: Sun, Jul 12, 2020
× TIME: 9:34:17 am
× LOCATION: Hamburg, DE (53.5888519, 10.0157099)
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